Student at The Quay School

Our vision for The Quay School

Emotionally secure and confident adults working towards their life goals and making a positive contribution to the communities they live in. That’s the outcome The Quay School team works towards every day.

As we support, nurture and educate students who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend mainstream school. Our aim is
to see them fulfil their potential and to help them unlock that potential and take control over their lives. 

Since its inception in 2010, The Quay School has blended innovation with existing best practice in alternative education
provision. We don’t claim to get everything right, but our results speak for themselves. Nationally in 2013, 12% of young people left school without going into employment, further education or training. From our school it is less than half of the
national average.

We develop our staff into leaders and last year we ran 80 CPD courses. We are a teacher training school and our expertise and experience is widely recognised by a variety of other educational establishments.

About The Quay School 

The Quay School is an alternative education provider serving south east Dorset. It comprises five separate campuses across the Poole area, with over 50 staff led by Executive Head Jo Perry and her Senior Leadership Team.

The complex nature of the issues addressed by The Quay School requires a wide variety of solutions.
The school works with students:

  • KS2 - A bespoke provision that enables children to develop the skills to be successful in school.
  • KS3 - An innovative curriculum that enables young people to develop the skills for reintegration.
  • KS4 - A flexible curriculum with the aim of providing qualifications and progression routes.

From its beginning in 2010, the school has demonstrated consistent improvement in outcomes, ranging from grades attained by students to their expectations on leaving the school.

Teaching and learning

The Quay School is committed to providing a high quality education in a safe, secure environment. We offer a broad curriculum, modified and enhanced where appropriate for the needs of individual students. 

To give them the best possible opportunities for success, for however long they are with us, we create individual education paths for each student. These include working towards GCSEs, AS/A-levels, City & Guilds and BTECs. 

Our curriculum includes core and foundation subjects along with a range of vocational and enrichment courses.


The vision for The Quay School doesn’t stop at our front door. We actively engage with the wider community of which we are a part, helping to prevent many of the issues that bring young people into our service.

Our outreach programme involves working with students in mainstream schools who have been identified as being at risk of exclusion or who are struggling to engage. 95% of those we work with remain in mainstream education.
Where appropriate, we welcome the local community into our buildings, such as using our hall for groups and classes.